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Ron Kohavi: The Power of Decision Tables. In: 8th European Conference on Machine Learning, 174-189, 1995.


Sweka.BestFirst(1)Full class name of search method, followed by its options. eg: "weka.attributeSelection.BestFirst -D 1" (default weka.attributeSelection.BestFirst)


DDirection of search. (default = 1).
EPerformance evaluation measure to use for selecting attributes. (Default = accuracy for discrete class and rmse for numeric class)
IUse nearest neighbour instead of global table majority.
NNumber of non-improving nodes to consider before terminating search.
PSpecify a starting set of attributes. Eg. 1,3,5-7.
RDisplay decision table rules.
SFull class name of search method, followed by its options. eg: "weka.attributeSelection.BestFirst -D 1" (default weka.attributeSelection.BestFirst)default: weka.attributeSelection.BestFirst
XUse cross validation to evaluate features. Use number of folds = 1 for leave one out CV. (Default = leave one out CV)default: 1


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