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Niels Landwehr, Mark Hall, Eibe Frank (2005). Logistic Model Trees. Marc Sumner, Eibe Frank, Mark Hall: Speeding up Logistic Model Tree Induction. In: 9th European Conference on Principles and Practice of Knowledge Discovery in Databases, 675-683, 2005.


AThe AIC is used to choose the best iteration (instead of CV or training error).
HSet parameter for heuristic for early stopping of LogitBoost. If enabled, the minimum is selected greedily, stopping if the current minimum has not changed for iter iterations. By default, heuristic is enabled with value 50. Set to zero to disable heuristic.default: 50
ISet fixed number of iterations for LogitBoostdefault: 0
MSet maximum number of boosting iterationsdefault: 500
PUse error on probabilities (rmse) instead of misclassification error for stopping criterion
SUse stopping criterion on training set (instead of cross-validation)
WSet beta for weight trimming for LogitBoost. Set to 0 for no weight trimming.default: 0.0


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