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Usama M. Fayyad, Keki B. Irani: Multi-interval discretization of continuousvalued attributes for classification learning. In: Thirteenth International Joint Conference on Articial Intelligence, 1022-1027, 1993. Igor Kononenko: On Biases in Estimating Multi-Valued Attributes. In: 14th International Joint Conference on Articial Intelligence, 1034-1040, 1995.


DOutput binary attributes for discretized attributes.
EUse better encoding of split point for MDL.
KUse Kononenko's MDL criterion.
RSpecifies list of columns to Discretize. First and last are valid indexes. (default none)default: first-last
VInvert matching sense of column indexes.
YUse bin numbers rather than ranges for discretized attributes.
precisionPrecision for bin boundary labels. (default = 6 decimal places).default: 6


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