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Weka implementation of KernelLogisticRegression


Kweka.RBFKernel(3)The Kernel to use. (default: weka.classifiers.functions.supportVector.PolyKernel)


-do-not-check-capabilitiesIf set, classifier capabilities are not checked before classifier is built (use with caution).
CThe size of the cache (a prime number), 0 for full cache and -1 to turn it off. (default: 250007)
EThe number of threads to use, which should be >= size of thread pool. (default 1)default: 1
GUse conjugate gradient descent instead of BFGS.
KThe Kernel to use. (default: weka.classifiers.functions.supportVector.PolyKernel)default: weka.classifiers.functions.supportVector.RBFKernel
LThe lambda penalty parameter. (default 0.01)default: 0.01
PThe size of the thread pool, for example, the number of cores in the CPU. (default 1)default: 1
SRandom number seed. (default 1)default: 1
no-checksTurns off all checks - use with caution! (default: checks on)
output-debug-infoIf set, classifier is run in debug mode and may output additional info to the console


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